Our world is defined by stories.

Stories like, “I love you.”

“She loves me.”

“I love my family.”

“I am successful.”

Brands are the badges we wear to help us tell the story of who we are, what we aspire to be, and what we desire from the world.

The value of anything is created by what we believe about it.

Diamonds are worth more because we believe diamonds are precious and not just a transparent rock.

We believe some fashions look cool. And some don’t. People choose products which help prove how smart they are. How responsible they are. How tough they are. How hard they work.

All belief is based on the stories we’ve been told about whatever we’re looking at.

The great brands are based on stories we want to believe, because they connect to a simple human need.

The greater the need, the more value we give the story.

Value differs from person to person. As a rule, the better the story can connect with a need, the greater the value. By understanding what is truly important to your customers, you can tell a story which connects with their deeper human desires. Creating value, to them. Creating desire. Creating a reason for them to change their behaviour. Creating a reason for them to buy the story you’re telling.

Your story helps them tell a better story about themselves.

It’s not just story-telling. It’s story-selling.

Understand the relevant emotion that connects your product with their lives.
Help them see the value of what you’re offering.
Give them permission to change their behaviour.
Then give them the facts so they can justify what they did.

It starts with a story.

We’d love to hear yours.