We believe everyone has something unique to say.
We can help you say it.
To your people. And to your customers.

We can help you find the right words that have the right people understand
why they should have some of what you’re selling.
We help you find a reason to smile.
We help you see your next step.
We help you do what you would do,
if you weren’t so busy doing all the other stuff you need to get done.

How we can help

Brand Clarity

Articulating your purpose

  • • Brand articulation • Brand architecture • Brand behavior • Cultural alignment
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Finding the words

Language and writing

  • • Language frameworks • Brand language development • Talk your values • Writing for all channels
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Brand behaviour

Brand is culture

  • • How brand helps create a culture that brings your promise to life at every level of your organisation
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Spreading your word

Telling your story

  • • Advertising concepts • Development • Creative Direction • Execution • Production
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Building capabilities

  • • What is a brand? • Language workshops • Skills for staff • Preparation • Facilitation.
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“Brand Clarity has worked with Regis for a number of years. Aged Care is a highly specialised area. In our recent rebranding project, John has co-ordinated and provided strategic advice, research experience, design and writing capabilities – and shown an ability to smile under pressure. I recommend with confidence.”

Katrina Rigby
Marketing and Communications Manager
Regis Aged Care, 2016

What we do

Brand Articulation

It's about defining your "why". We find the purest expression of why your business exists. We look for a clear understanding of why your product or service exists. Most of the time that’s about finding the right words. But, it could be a picture. Or a piece of music. Whatever helps your people deliver consistent experiences, at every level..

Brand Behaviour

Your people are your brand. The experiences you provide are the most important thing you do. Great experiences are better than advertising. And they come down to what you do, and how the customer feels when you do it. We help your people understand how their behavior can show their passion for what they do. So your customer feels as good about what you do as you do.

Language Frameworks

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Brand Clarity have a proven way of helping your people understand how the right words at the right time can create memorable experiences.

Writing Services

We help you find the right words. Advertising, web copy, marketing plans, strategic proposals, press releases, speeches, sound bites, headlines – from words that walk into their hearts to language that helps them understand why your offer is the one they want..

Brand Architecture

Consistency is everything. Once you have articulated your brand, we can help you develop the framework which provides consistent expressions of who you are, what you do and why you do it – across all aspects of your brand, from communications materials to cultural alignment.

Advertising Development

Telling your story. Concept development and execution. From traditional advertising to developing social media communities, from campaigns to one-off executions – whatever you need customers to know, in the best, most effective way possible.

Workshops and facilitation

Using the wisdom of your crowd. Helping people gain a clearer understanding of an issue. Brand Clarity offers a number of workshop options – from brand articulation days to hour long objective setting exercises.


Sometimes, it's good to have another seasoned head to bounce ideas off. Or to provide a voice of experience. Or just help you feel like you're not in it on your own.

“John understands why brands need structure. And how to create those structures. While I was at NAB, John was a key member of the team that helped us re-launch our brand. He also led the agency team that determined how the brand should be expressed in advertising. Since then, he has worked with agency teams to create brand guidelines, define language frameworks and write engaging content.
He is a delight to work with, thoroughly professional but always ready to have a laugh.”

Jo Rozario
Managing Director
Ogilvy Australia

Who we are

Big agency experience without big agency overheads

John and Angie have worked at some of Australia’s best known agencies, on some of Australia’s best known clients.
Angie has a well-earned reputation at every organisation she has worked for as bringing a sense of order and fun to the teams and projects she is involved with. She has an incredible amount of experience on high-turnover retail businesses, effectively delivering high quality projects on time and on budget.
Before starting Brand Clarity, John was an awarded writer, Creative Director and planner.
He is a natural collaborator, happy to share in the exploration, relentlessly optimistic in the possibilities of a collaborative venture. John is an accomplished facilitator – providing interesting ways to gain understanding while keeping the sessions energised and engaging. He has collaborated with agency teams to discover brand positions and brand beliefs and worked with numerous clients helping them articulate what sets them apart in an increasingly crowded market.


Angie Douglas



John Douglas



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